$75 Minimum
(15 people or less)

$200 Maximum
(40 people or more)

Includes: Use of indoor pool and the lake for all of your guests, as well as the 18-hole disc golf course. Guests eligible for discounted fun passes.

  • Seats approx. 144
  • Lighted, with extra outlets
  • Plenty of parking
  • Decorations allowed, but please no holes
  • No smoking in the pavilion
  • No pets inside the pavilion
  • Alcohol is allowed, but no kegs
  • Pavilion is available the same hours as the camp store
  • Two (2) Portable Toilets for Guests. Handicap accessible restroom is available in the camp store.
  • You are responsible for all clean-up, cleaning supplies available in camp store

PAVILION RENTAL – Call the camp store to reserve for your party/gathering at 989-269-7989